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But I don’t want to be a professional comedian. Why Should I Do Improv?

Improv comedy can improve your career. Yes and...your relationships, too..

Improv comedy teaches you how to think on your feet, work in groups, lead with confidence and be more inventive under pressure—all skills that translate in the workplace and in real life.

Become a better listener: There’s no script in improv, so players are forced to listen closely to the last words spoken by the other person on stage.

Collaborate like a champ: In improv, you work as a team. It’s all about supporting your partner on stage, working to their strengths, setting them up for success, and trusting they’ll do the same for you. Sometimes that means going with the best idea, even if it’s not your own.

Lose your inhibitions as an innovator: On-the-fly thinking is part of playing. In improv, you “move fast and break things” which means you are going to fail at times. Improv teaches you to not fear failure.